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12-pack Medium Green Chile Sauce 16 oz

Price: $60.00
Manufacturer: 505 Southwestern
Manufacturer Part No: 10383-2

Chile Chats!

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I'm in heaven
Heidi Dimatteo (Keizer, OR) 8/13/2016 2:43 PM
If you grew up in CO, but moved this is the fabulous green chile you remember.
Awesome Green Chile!
John L. (Greenville, SC) 5/13/2012 9:24 PM
Very good stuff! Discovered at the grocery when lived in CO. We put it on all kinds of things - scrambled eggs and omelettes, burritos (of course), hamburgers, even sandwich wraps made with tortillas, sliced turkey and ham, pepperjack, and some o' this stuff - I couldn't believe 'that' was so good too! It's a good price by the jar until you had $21 shipping, would much rather see Costco or Amazon have it for the $41 + free shipping or in stock. Would even pay a little more by the jar if could pick it up at the grocery, but alas, I just moved to SC from CO, and whereas the latter has all kinds of good southwest stuff, can't find green chile pf amy brand ANYWHERE around here - not stores, not any restaurants at all ... bummer! So, by the case it is!
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