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Our green chile sauces and salsas are developed at the 505 Chile Factory, located in scenic Albuquerque. All are fat free, made with all-natural ingredients and have no preservatives, in addition to being low-sodium, low-carb, gluten-free and loaded with natural vitamins. Hot, medium or mild, we please all taste buds! 505 Chile Products are versatile — uses range from the simple chip dip to complete dinner entrees. Some say these unique blends are the "Fountain of Youth".

By the way, green chile is sometimes mistakenly spelled as "chili" — which is something a little different and doesn't come in a green variety.

Knowing what you're eating is an important issue for more and more consumers. Additives, preservatives and processing have an effect on the nutritional value of foods we eat. Natural ingredients are our hallmark, so enjoy 505 SOUTHWESTERN Chile Products with the confidence that your condiment purchase tastes as good as it is good for you!

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